We pride ourselves in our unique thinking process, which combines best experience with outstanding innovations. With the right partnerships, we believe that we can change the financial landscape through offering a unique palette of tools to our clients. 

About S-Software Design

S-Software Design has been providing transaction cost analysis (TCA) for equities on the JSE to top institutions in the South African financial markets since 2006.  We are decision scientists who use analytics, data science and artificial intelligence to create better financial tools and products. We are teachers and instructors who thrive on leading investigations and sharing knowledge. Through our partnership with Sinayo, we offer various cutting-edge products to financial markets.


Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction Cost Analysis has become a pillar in the asset managing industry. Through S-Software Design, Sinayo now offers interested clients a deep analysis with Ultimate Execution, a tool which measures transaction costs by analysing trade-by-trade execution for equity and fixed income trades on the JSE and A2X. Offshore trade analyses on all the major foreign stock exchanges are also available as off-line services.  Security is of utmost importance and since its inception, S-Software Design has not had a single security breach. In this partnership, strict separation of all departments will be upheld to ensure the security of the client’s information.

Transaction costs occur throughout all the phases of the investment cycle. Explicit costs, such as trading commission, are clearly visible and can be negotiated. However, implicit costs should also receive intense consideration. Ultimate Execution is a Transaction Cost Analysis measurement tool that analyses these market impact costs to aid all the different role players
within the investment cycle with decision making. Portfolios are analysed on a trade-by-trade basis and these results are  available through an easy-to-use, secure web interface, 24 hours after the execution had been completed. Reports can be generated and customised to provide evidence of best  execution practices. 

Business Intelligence BiQ


This new app aims to support decision makers by providing relevant information and news analyses pertaining to all JSE listed companies.  A semantic score – that is a score that measures the positive or negative tone – is given to every important news article about each company using artificial intelligence.  These scores are then weighted and compared to give the user a clear understanding of the latest news regarding a specific company or sector.

Research Projects


One of S-Software’s areas of expertise is the undertaking of quantitative problem solution projects for clients.  Our research and consulting focus areas include, but are not limited to, sovereign risk analysis for African countries, liquidity risk management and equity portfolio risk management

Who we are

Prof. Dawie de Jongh

Prof. Dawie de Jongh

Quantitive research and development scientist

Prof. Dawie de Jongh has 26 years’ management experience at GENCOR, IDC and ABSA and 20 years’ teaching experience as Quantitative Risk Management Professor. One of his career highlights was being listed in the International Mathematical Union’s World Directory of Mathematicians. He has been a key player in the quantitative research and consultancy worlds since 2006.

Ms. Hanlie Steynberg

Ms. Hanlie Steynberg

Scientific Computing and IT Specialist<br />

Hanlie holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics, an Honours in Computing Education and is currently studying towards an MSc in Computer Science.  She has over 15 years’ experience in scientific computing in the finance sector, and is the developer of the Ultimate Alpha Transaction Cost Analysis system. She is a qualified graphic designer with 10 years front-end development experience. In 1999, she was awarded the Faculty Medal for the top BSc student at UNISA .