Project Funda

Project Funda is a two-year graduate programme comprised of extensive training and experience. Our vision is to recognise and develop talent, particularly around research and leadership in the financial services industry. We strive to create positive experiences that will ultimately lead to improved engagement and produce team players for our company and clients.

About the Program

Our Purpose

Project Funda aims to further black talent, particularly in research and leadership in the financial services industry. We strive to deepen our talent and skills pool and create beneficial experiences that will lead to improved engagement and retention. 

The Programme

Project Funda is a two-year programme comprised of various elements. Graduates are required to attend different courses, over a few days, and thereafter return to their respective roles where they will either be employed full-time, work as interns or continue with the completion of their studies. 

The Learning Management System (LMS)

We have developed a brand new platform for our candidates and alumni to stay connected. LMS users can visit various chat rooms where they can share posts, news and opportunities with fellow users. This platform, is also where we pin up interesting articles on our notice board and announce new courses that candidates may partake in to further enrich themselves.

Navigating Excel for Financial Models and Business Processes

Presented by owner Adrian Miric, this course is the foundation upon which the rest of the offerings on this graduate programme are built. It focuses on the extensive use of Excel tools and functions to build financial and business models. Furthermore, the course delves into advanced and array formulas, analyses of pivot tables and graphs and customising standard macros to assist with decision-making processes in different financial scenarios.

Equity Markets and Equity Valuation for Company Analysts

Equity valuation, with the goal of making financial forecasts, is performed on historical and present data. In this course, graduates will conduct company valuations and attempt to predict price evolution. They will also make business performance projections and through financial modelling, determine whether a company is over- or under-valued. The graduates will give individual presentations explaining their recommendations. The course, which runs over five days, is presented by renowned lecturer Chris Muller.

Hedge Funds: Design & Risk Management

A hedge fund is an investment fund that pools capital from a limited number of accredited individual or institutional investors for trading in a variety of assets. It is often managed with complex portfolio construction and risk management techniques. Many hedge fund investment strategies aim to achieve a positive return on investment regardless of whether markets are rising or falling. This course will equip graduates with some of these complex constructions and risk management techniques. Facilitated by Chris Muller, the course will run over four days.

Equity Portfolio Optimisation and Fund Management 

Portfolio optimisation is the process of selecting the best portfolio, out of the set of all portfolios being considered, according to some objective. What makes this particularly difficult is that investment is a forward-looking activity, and thus the covariance of returns and risk levels must be forecast, rather than observed. This course delves into these issues and helps graduates understand the underlying criteria and to design an optimal portfolio. This is another four-day course that will be presented by Chris Muller.

Practical Experience

Project Funda does not only aim to immerse its graduates in the theoretical understanding of how various aspects of the financial services industry function, but to empower them with practical experience as well. Sinayo Securities has formed various partnerships with individuals and companies to further expand the graduates’ knowledge and experience. This practical experience will take two forms:

  • A week-long visit to a company that focuses on some of the major aspects of running a financial services company. These visits will be hosted thrice over the two-year period.
  • A one-day excursion to a publicly listed company. This visit will form part of the above mentioned week-long visit. 

    Leadership and People Skills

    The term ‘leadership’ conjures up varying images and perceptions. In this course, however, graduates will learn how leaders set direction while helping themselves and others to forge ahead. They will be equipped with the necessary skills to create an inspiring vision, and subsequently learn how to motivate and inspire others to buy into that vision. They will also learn how to manage the delivery of that vision — either directly or indirectly — and coach their teams into becoming compelling. To become effective leaders, graduates must first learn various people skills, better understand themselves and moderate their responses so they can build relationships of trust, respect and productive interactions. This portion of the course is aimed at preparing the graduates for leadership roles in the financial services industry.